Keep this in mind to make the most of your flow:

  • Please arrive early to the studio. Extra points if it’s 15 minutes before.

  • All of our classes are 60 minutes. Enough time to work your body + gift it with a juicy relaxation.

  • The room gets to a warm since there is no A/C. Prepare to sweat, #oohyeah.

  • Please leave your shoes outside the Studio. Do bring your personal stuff inside. Selfies are allowed and encouraged post-class.

  • We’ve got yoga mats available for rent so you can travel light.

  • Our studios accept Credit/Debit Cards (except AMEX), and accept cash for payments.

Is there parking?

Parking is on the street or in the Town Parking in front of Taekwondo Studio, in between the Plaza and our Studio.

Is there childcare?

Currently we do not offer childcare services at the studio.

What do I eat or drink before class?

Try not to eat two-three hours before you practice. We twist the body and turn it upside down and bend it forward quite a lot. If you do need to nourish yourself, consider a light snack like juice, soymilk, or a handful of nuts 30 minutes before hand.

What do I wear and what should I bring?

Wear something easy to move about in like sweat pants, leggings, or shorts, Nothing too loose otherwise you'll be adjusting it a lot. And nothing too restrictive so that you can move easily. Wear what feels comfortable and what can handle sweat. One thing you should not wear is a scent. Make sure you shower and remove perfumes or colognes. Don't worry about footwear since we practice barefoot. Please do not wear shoes into the actual yoga room

Should I bring MATS?

Feel free to bring your own mat, if not we have plenty of rental mats. These mats are completely laundered between uses. They are washed thoroughly and dried completely. The rental rate is $2. However, a complimentary mat rental is included with any full-price drop-in. 


Hydrate with clean, filtered water

Eat lightly (usually wait at least a half an hour or even more)

Shower: Over the next twenty-four hours really notice your body and any soreness or even openness. Don't worry if you feel very sore or even a little tighter. Just trust the practice and keep doing it. You can break down many walls by sticking with it! If you have real pain, check with your health care provider.

Also notice how you feel mentally and emotionally. Over time, most practitioners begin to experience mental clarity and heart-felt kindness in their daily lives. But often we do stir up a lot of different emotions in the process. There's no real need to worry about that, just let it flow but be careful what you do with it. Aim for great kindness always.

I'm Pregnant, can I attend?

Yes, you can please notify the teacher or assistants before class. Also, you can consult with your health care provider before starting any physical activity. 


Students and yoga teachers with proper ID and certification can receive 10% off all class pricing. (Discount not eligible for our two new student specials)


We do not offer refunds on any class purchases, including single classes, class packs, memberships or workshops.


All class packs, memberships and workshops are non transferable and may only be used for the intended client.


Yeah Really Studio is not responsible for any items stored or left behind at our studios. Please make sure to keep all belongings with you.


Classes start on time and we do allow 15 min late access.


New client specials (two week unlimited & one month unlimited) and membership passes start on date of first class visit, if you need to adjust dates please email yeahreallystudio@gmail.com

Is yoga a religion?

No, it is not. Yoga is a philosophy, science and art that comes from India and is estimated to be 5,000 years old.